We empower each other to live independently.

We’re here to provide the tools, knowledge, and confidence so that people with any disability or health condition can live more independent lives. We do it through peer support, employment search support, life and literacy skills development, and our flagship Entrepreneurs with Disabilities program.

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Entrepreneurs With Disabilities



Nothing for us, without us.

Our programs, and our organization, have to be built on true understanding to be helpful. We are cross-cultural and cross-disability. That’s why more than 51% of the people who make decisions in our organization have disabilities themselves. It’s part of our mandate, and it’s essential to who we are.

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At our heart: community.

We’re committed to building a welcoming and inclusive community of all disabilities or health conditions. We’re not here to limit our services to specific kinds of people. We’re not here to put you on a waiting list.

We’re here to create a safe space where someone can grow, and provide unique programs that get at the essential things one needs to live independently.

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