Entrepreneur Webinars

Navigate Covid-19 as a Small Business Owner with Michael Hernik

Learn strategies to start or expand your business, even during the COVID-19 pandemic!

The Entrepreneurs With Disabilities program is offering a virtual workshop for those of you who are interested in starting a business or who are currently business owners. Anyone is welcome to attend!

We'll be talking about the following:

  • How do you navigate your business through these unprecedented times?

  • What do you need to know and think about as an owner?

  • How do you increase sales and continue dominating the market even when the economy is closed?

This is a collaborative workshop - questions from participants are highly encouraged!

Sales & Marketing For Entrepreneurs with Michael Hernik

Learn how to market your business effectively and efficiently to the right people, to your people.

Michael Hernik CPA, MPAcc, a Lecturer from the Edwards School of Business, will be bringing us invaluable information on how to prioritize your marketing strategy and secure the sale.

Michael will discuss how to identify your brand, where to build brand awareness, and how to reach your target market. He will give you tactical tips to stand out from your competitors, reach more customers, and grow your sales!