Accessible Career Connections

Are you looking for an employment opportunity?


The Accessible Career Connections (ACC) program is here to help you get, and keep, meaningful work. Our focus is supporting people who are facing real challenges obtaining, and maintaining employment.

Anybody 16 years old or more with a disability, or long term health condition, is eligible.

We start by connecting you to temporary work, and work with you to transition into long term employment To do that, we focus on a couple key things:

  • We focus on really discovering your skills, and working with you to bring those into the right employment situation.

  • We provide pre, and post, vocational training. That means career planning, essential workplace skills training, job maintenance training, and essential employee life skills training.

  • We engage through one-on-one coaching and support.

  • We connect you to peer support, and broader networks.

  • We run an in house staffing agency, so that we can connect you to career opportunities quickly

Looking to hire through NSILC?

At NSILC, we run an in-house staffing agency — so that you can bring on the right person for your job, without worrying about the time and cost associated with the search.

We offer a couple different staffing options:

  • Temporary staffing

  • Temporary-to-hire staffing:

  • Direct hire recruiting

Why go with us?

  • We do the work, so that you can focus on operating your business.

  • We’ll build real relationships with you, and the potential employee, to make sure this is a truly amazing fit.

  • We’re flexible, with a focus on ensuring your profitability and the success of the potential employee.

  • We recruit from a diverse talent pool—meaning you can create a more diverse workplace, and a more successful one.

  • We’re a community-focused non-profit, and all of our fees go back into our programming.


Interested? Reach out to Pat at careers@nsilc.com